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Featuring JC Couture and Jim Parsons


Uplifting the Teaching Profession

By Jim Parsons and Dennis Shirley

The piles of contradictory research available about education today can be baffling. Some days, we feel we have no choice but to just throw up our hands in despair. How shall these conflicts be sorted out? Foundationally, we believe no sorting out will occur without teachers in the room. Teachers know much that often doesn’t find its way into policy. Here’s one thing we know. The task of including teachers in policy building is crucial because the conditions under which teachers work cannot be removed from their abilities to help students learn. This begs the question: What do teachers need to do their work well?


CJTR Executive Editor Jim Parsons Steps Down

Dr. Jim Parsons, who has edited the Canadian Journal for Teacher Research (CJTR) since its inception has retired from this role effective 2019-01-01. Dr. Parsons’s leadership with this journal has been instrumental to its success, and we both wish him well and offer sincere thanks for his support of the Journal and its purpose.

As we take stock of the Journal – its achievement and future potential – we are pausing publication of new research and materials.


How to write an article for The Canadian Journal for Teacher Research (CJTR) from your graduate work

By Jim Parsons, Executive Editor

The Canadian Journal for Teacher Research