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Jim Parsons - University of Alberta

Jim Parsons is a long-serving professor in the Department of Secondary Education (he is in his 38th year at the University of Alberta). His areas of expertise are social studies, religious and moral education, and educational research. He is well-published, having written over 200 educational articles and almost 90 books. His recent research has focused upon teacher professional learning and instructional leadership. 


Managing Editor

EDITORIAL BOARD - Stephen Murgatroyd

Stephen Murgatroyd -  Innovation Expedition, Collaborative Media Group Inc.

Stephen Murgatroyd began his career as a teacher of students with special needs at Fairwater Comprehensive School in Cwmbran, Wakes. He then started teaching adults at The Open University where he also undertook significant research, writing and practice in counselling psychology, writing a leading text Counselling and Helping and capturing cases in Helping the Troubled Child.  He became engaged in education policy and leadership issues, was a major contributor to the journal School Organization, while mainlining his interest in counselling as Associate Editor of the British Journal of Guidance and Counselling. Following his 1986 move to Alberta he led initiatives on school leadership, total quality and educational change and development, captured in his book Rethinking Education – Learning and the New Renaissance and in a series of books co-published with the Alberta Teachers’ Association.  Stephen holds a PhD from the Open University (United Kingdom) and was awarded an Honorary Doctoral degree by Athabasca University in 2000.


Editorial Board



J-C Couture - Alberta Teachers’ Association

Dr. J-C Couture is Associate Coordinator, Research with the Alberta Teachers' Association, and is responsible for coordinating the ATA’s research program at the provincial level. Strategic planning of research activities; initiating and supervising research projects; and liaising with local, national and international research communities on education issues all fall within the scope of his duties. 

J-C has worked with the ATA as an executive staff officer for more than 12 years, and has had a wide variety of responsibilities, including leading research projects and fostering working relationships with members of provincial, national and international research communities, and is also facilitator of the ATA's international research partnership with Finland.  Prior to joining the Association, Couture taught at Harry Collinge High School, in Hinton, was a sessional instructor at two postsecondary institutions and a curriculum consultant with Alberta ­Education. He was also highly involved in Association activities at both the ­provincial and local levels.

In addition to a PhD and MEd from the University of Alberta, Couture holds a BA from McGill University.



Jennifer Lock - University of Calgary

Jennifer Lock is the Associate Dean of Teaching and Learning in the Werklund School of Education at the University of Calgary.   Her area of specialization is in Educational Technology.  Dr. Lock’s current research interests involve:

  • e-learning with a specific focus in distance education, online learning communities, and building capacity of online educators;  
  • technology integration in education and teacher education that involves designing learning in technology-enhanced learning environments; and
  • change and innovation in education (teaching, learning and leading).



Pamela Adams -  University of Lethbridge 

Dr. Adams has researched and written extensively in the area of school improvement and teacher professional learning, including her book co-authored with Dr. David Townsend entitled The Essential Equation: A Handbook for School Improvement, now in its 2nd Edition. Her other research interests include faculty development and post-secondary teaching effectiveness, action research and collaborative inquiry, school leadership and inquiry-based leadership development, and teacher professional learning incorporating adult education models. She has taught a broad range of graduate and undergraduate courses as well as presented to Education Ministries in Australia, Oman, and Mexico.



Anne Rodrigue - Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario

Dr. Anne Rodrigue has taught elementary, middle, and junior school. She has served as curriculum consultant in second languages for the Nova Scotia Department of Education. She has worked in professional development, curriculum, and research for the Nova Scotia Teachers Union for 11 years and since 2002 for the Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario. Dr. Rodrigue’s doctorial work examines the discourses of professionalism of Canadian teachers organizations. She has presented topics on teacher unionism at AERA and AARE. Dr. Rodrigue’s areas of interests include teacher professionalism, teacher reflective practice, and professional learning communities. She is also the co-editor of a recent book on teaching for deep understanding.

EDITORIAL BOARD - Charlie Naylor

Charlie Naylor - British Columbia Teachers’ Federation

After completing his undergraduate degree and post-graduate teacher education, Charlie taught for some years in a secondary comprehensive school in Sheffield, England.  He also taught in programs for unemployed youth in Melbourne, Australia, developing Action Research networks across the state of Victoria.  Since coming to Canada in 1988 he has completed an MA degree at Simon Fraser University, with a research focus on high school dropouts in a large urban school district.  His PhD research at UBC explored teacher inquiry as professional development in a Multiliteracies research project.  He currently works as the Senior Researcher in the British Columbia Teachers’ Federation in Vancouver where he supports the union’s teacher inquiry projects across BC, while also conducting a range of research in areas such as teachers’ work lives, teacher inquiry, teacher leadership, Inclusion, teachers’ professional development and 21st century learning.


EDITORIAL BOARD - Dennis Shirley

Dennis Shirley - Boston College

Professor Dennis Shirley works with educational leaders globally helping them to hone their skills leading schools of all types.  Dennis is co-author of The Fourth Way:  The Inspiring Future for Educational Change (Corwin, 2009) and The Global Fourth Way:  The Quest for Educational Excellence (Corwin, 2012), both of which are co-authored with Andy Hargreaves. Based on detailed first-hand research in high achieving schools and systems, the two books provide a systemic analysis of many mainstream reform premises and strategies and set out 15 alternative “pointers for practice” that can be used by educational leaders to improve teacher quality and student learning. Dennis has just assumed the position of Editor-in-Chief of The Journal of Educational Change.